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You have questions? We have answers.

Is CLEAR Leadership Academy a full time school?

CLEAR Leadership Academy is a full time private school 3K – 12th grade. We do offer supplemental and off-site programs as well.

What does my child need to wear?

The school does have a uniform policy. Please see student/parent handbook for detailed information.

What time does school start?

Doors open at 7:30. School starts promptly at 7:50 and ends at 3:30.

What will my child have for lunch? Snack?

Your child will bring a lunch from home. We will provide healthy snacks throughout the day.

Can my child enroll anytime of the year?

CLEAR offers open for enrollment 1 March – 1 August for the fall semester and 1 November – 30 November for the spring semester. However, seats fill up quickly. If seats are full, you can go through the admission process and choose to be added to the waiting list. You will be offered a seat on a first come first serve basis. If you decline the offer, you will drop to the end of the waiting list.

Can I visit the school?

We encourage all perspective CLA families to visit the school.

  1. Please call or email for an appointment. You will check in at the office upon arrival.
  2. All perspective CLA families are welcome to visit the school at designated hours or by appointment. Visitation is by appointment. Monday 3:45 – 4:15 & Thursday 8:15 – 8:45
  3. Please bring a photo ID; Driver’s license from a U.S. state, Federal or state ID card, Military ID card, U.S. passport.
  4. All visitors will wear an ID badge during the visit.
  5. Visitors are not allowed in any classrooms, study areas, libraries, lab areas, or cafe during school hours.
  6. The school is located at 3231 Columbus Loop near the DPS office.
  7. Parking is provided in the back parking lot.
  8. All visitors will enter the front entry door. Please ring bell for assistance.
  9. School hours are 7:15 – 4:00 during school days. Visitation hours are by appointment.

Will my child have play and rest time?

We believe in play and rest time for children. Children will have a least two 30 minute recess times each day. 3K and 4k will be provided a quiet rest time after lunch.

Will my child have opportunities for virtual learning?

CLEAR’s model of teaching and learning offers in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning. We will provide a personalized plan that meets each child’s needs.

Are field trip available throughout the year?

Your child will experience several field trips throughout the year.

What school supplies do I need to buy?

While we provide basic school supplies, we do have a wish list of items that you can donate. Please see the school for a list or click here for our Amazon list.