About Us

Innovative school and social elements that support individualized learning and growth.

Academic Achievement

We are proud to teach the next generation all the skills they need to succeed.

Social Well-Being

From math to language or from social skills to creativity, we support holistic learning.

Leadership & Resilency

CLEAR believes that leadership is not inherent, it is fostered and nurtured.

How We Learn

Our curriculum includes full implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), foundation and enrichment curriculum and personalized learning through ‘Fostering Communities of Learners’ (FCL), multi-year looping and mastery-based progression. 

Why We Teach

CLEAR’s curriculum has been researched and implemented by a team of educators with 30 years of experience teaching and leading schools from elementary through higher education. We believe in experiential, collaborative, and engaging academics through project, inquiry, and community-based learning. 

Our Academic Goals

Students that attend CLEAR will begin to acquire the leadership skills, academic knowledge, and resiliency necessary to succeed. The school exists to guide the next generation of leaders with innovative education and allow them to implement positive change in their communities.

CLEAR is a proud member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

Give your child the best start.