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Hybrid Learning

Two kids of different ages at a table, one on a tablet interacting with a map.

Learn Better

CLEAR offers a personalized supplemental learning platform that can be accessed conveniently and safely from your home. Whether your student wants to advance, catch up or review, our hybrid program is here to help them succeed.

We have several options based on your child’s development as they move across all content areas. Our program will diagnose, nurture, monitor, and progress students towards mastery in all grade-level skills.

Over the shoulder view of a boy working on a laptop with headphones on.

What’s Included

● Initial student diagnostics with a staff member and access to hybrid supplemental program online

● Time spent on recommended areas – Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies

● Weekly administration and diagnostics review

● Reporting and consulting on progress and needs

Side view of young girl looking at a computer screen, her hand on the mouse.

3 & 6 Month Options

3 month package will include 6 hours a month spent on any of the above tasks. 3-month cost paid in full: $175.00 per student

6 month package will include 4 hours a month spent on any of the above tasks. 6-month cost paid in full: $300.00 per student

*Additional targeted private instruction available: $60.00 hr. Pre-assessment may be necessary to personalize targeted instruction.

Give your child the best start.